T-Rex toilet scene set anyone?

Of course you do, Mattel know it too, this infamous scene from the first Jurassic adventure features the uptight lawyer Gennaro – Grab yours HERE, it went on release just now.

Image – Universal/Mattel

In full, the scene, from the folks at Jurassic Park Wiki :

“Gennaro starts reciting the ‘Hail Mary’ prayer but quickly gives up and slams the stall door shut. This effort proves futile as the Tyrannosaurus smashes its head through the door and causes the entire structure to collapse around Gennaro. He attempts to stay still, but the rain causes him to make the foolish decision to rub his eyes, blowing his cover. The Tyrannosaurus then bites down on his upper-body, lifts him off the toilet, and violently shakes him around, breaking his bones, tears him apart, and eats him.”

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