Swings out, Scooters in – Inflation basket updated

A taste for gin and lactose-free drinks have been revealed as items we Brits are discovering a taste for. The updated 2017 basket of goods which the Office of National statistics uses to calculate Inflation in the UK (Consumer Price Index CPI) Other new additions included kids scooters, bike helmets, chocolate coated biscuits and flavoured water with mentholated cigarettes, mobile phone handsets and single drainer sinks dropped from the list. In total 16 new items were added the basket, 11 removed and eight modified. Other new additions include a four-pack of apple cider, men’s base layer tops, the average council bill in Britain, cough liquid and a jigsaw. Other items ditched from the basket include spirit-based drinks, brake pads and the fee for stopping a cheque, which the ONS said reflects a fall in cheque usage.

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