Studio creator – a fully analogue version

Most of the tech “giants” have a Studio Creator tool yet none of them are as remotely interesting as this one by the name of Kevin’s Studio. Now, we’ve been enjoying the raft of releases of late from LEGO (Creator and Technic builds) and have enjoyed, during lockdown, building and painting a couple of models from the fine Airfix folks, this set brings something rather different.

A mini-music studio which is packed full of detail, they tell us it’s a 10-15 hour project to complete the entire set-up. You’ll be required to build all the furniture, curtains, clutter on the table, door knobs, plants and more – fear not, both the equipment supplied and the instructions on “how” are top notch. You’ll find some bits a breeze and others a tad more challenging, testing your tweezer skills to the max. The set also has some LED light elements so you can bring it to life. Love crafting, mad about minature? £39.99 at Whirligig Toys


There’s also an “Alice House” which is also pretty superb :

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