Stranger Things has happened – LEGO set is here (almost)

LEGO Stranger Things Upside Down set is simply superb

They’ve only gone and done it, rumourmongers were right, LEGO have unleashed their Stranger Things set. This homage to the Netflix series comes in the shape of a 2,287 piece set and goes by the name of The Upside Down.  The completed set takes you from the Byers’ house on a journey into the dark world of The Upside Down with a simple flip of the set. These two worlds include minifigures of Will, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin, as well as Eleven, Chief Hopper, Joyce Byers and the Demogorgon.

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The house has loads of detail including Will’s bedroom, a drawing of Will the Wise, the telephone and the alphabet wall decked with Xmas lights. The set will set you back £180 and is on general release June 1st, LEGO VIP’s are gloating in our general direction presently as lots of them picked up theirs at the Leicester Square store last night.

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