Spinmaster’s smashing new collectable line hatches! – There be Dragons in the USA!

Blind-bag and collectable toys continue to go from strength to strength. The newest iteration comes from the company that brought us Hatchimals and Flush Force (I think we’re supposed to forget that one) and this there’s 72 brand new dragons to collect! Dragamonz is currently a US exclusive toy line but it will be hitting the shores of the UK next year. In the meantime us Brits will have to graze in envy across the pond as the American collectors get their talons into the best dragon/animal hybrids around.

Spinmaster are no strangers to innovation and this time is no different. Dragamonz incorporates a number of current trends and builds on them to create a unique play pattern. You have no idea which Dragamonz is inside your egg when you get it and there’s only one way to get it out, SMASH IT!- of course. Once revealed you can check it’s rarity and then the fun really begins. Each mini-monster comes with a whole host of collectable playing cards. These can be traded or played with but more importantly they are AR enabled. Yes, Dragamonz takes mashes Collectables with Connected Play!

If you’re getting concerned that you won’t be able to keep up with learning names, types, rarity and stats then worry no further as Dragamonz will be getting an animated series on Amazon Prime this Autumn. So, if you’re in the US – happy hunting. If you’re anywhere else in the world- bide your time, watch the series and once Dragamonz comes to a store near you- strike!

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