Slot racing sets we want

We were HUGE fans of the ANKI Overdrive system, AI powered vehicles that battled on-track with umpteen different digital weapons, we used to play into the small hours and then, BOOM, they went bust – sad times. Now, as the nation appears to be on a bit of a “lets embrace analogue” steer of play we’re giving slots another bash. Nothing fancy, basic sets where the challenge of keeping cars on the track is real, nothing with an iPad counting your laps or fancy apps that keep digital versions of your cars in an online garage – no, slot slots. Perhaps we’ll build up to the epic one above, for now we’re hankering after the Scalextric Micro Wacky Racers set with its multiple layout possibilities at just £55 :



We’re also fans of this Hot Wheels carry case set, take it everywhere, play slots in strange places – Beach, train tables, public house, playground – battery operated and ready to roll for £30

Right, we’re off to hit the buy button a couple of times……

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