the sneaky snake-ish style game gets the toy treatment

One of the success stories of 2017 the game has been around since March last year, this massively multiplyer browser game got its app debut more recently and user numbers are off the scale. For those just back from an Outer Mongolian break the game involves a snake-like creature that you steer about a map, consuming coloured pellets and you slither and by doing so grow in size. You objective is to grow the longest snake on the server. So, on the back of this success there’s a range of toys from an outfit called Bonkers so you can take your play into the analogue world.

A blindbag collection includes collectable bendable slither creatures, including rare and ultra-rares at £3.99 each. There are bendable slithers also as a three-pack with mystery slithers for £10.99.  Mystery mini squishies are squishy slithers (no surprise there)  that come in hexagonal pots, for £3.99, a bendable Slither hanger keychain plush for £5.99 and, saving the best till last, an eight-inch bendable plush at a tenner. Yesssssss pleassssse.

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