Slime hits the headlines

Jupiter Juice
Bad slime – Jupiter Juice

Which? The Consumers Association took 11 Slime brands from Amazon UK and 8 were found to have above the legally permissible amount of Boron (a derivative of Borax) within them. None of them we recognised as established toy brands bar Toysmith, one called Jupiter Juice who happened to be the worst culprit with FOUR times the the amount allowed. Since the report Amazon have removed all offending slimes from marketplace and offered comment along the lines of traders in the area are required to play by the rules and will be banished if they do not. So, they’re a legit globally dominant retailer on the one hand but allow sub-standard and dangerous items to be bought for children, they’re big enough not to allow this to happen are they not? Anyway, other offending slimes were Fluffy Slime (pink) – CCINEE, Crystal Slime Magic City (pink) – Cosoro Dodolu, Mini Bucket Putty (green) – Baker Ross, Slime Toy (purple) – iBase Toy, Fluffy Slime (blue) – LOYO, Brezeh Free Slime Toy (orange) – Brezeh, My Fluffy Slime (green) – Virtuotrade (I don’t imagine other colours under the same brand are made any differently so avoid any hues).  Good slimes from the report included, with levels of 280/270 and just 75 mg per KG (against the legal limit of 300mg were….

Goopy Slime (left), Glam Goo Deluxe (centre), Hulk Halloween Slime (right)

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