Silent butt deadly – Introducing the Fart Ninjas

We’re not huge fans of toilet humour toys, Og on the Bog, Toilet Trouble, Flushin’ Frenzy have each failed to induce a grin at Toyology Towers BUT(T) we’re making an exception here for this new range of Ninjas from Funrise. First up, their names had us amused – they include Silent Samurai, Windbreak Warrior and Stick Foo, they are all mildly childish and we think not only kids will chuckle but they’ll find a few friends across the kidult market too. These motion activated machines are only six quid, and offer varying flatulence sounds when their sensor is activated. If you want a more sophisticated martial fart then upgrade to the Ihira Fart XL unit, 10 sounds ready inside, you can also upload your own, a remote control unit and there is an app to take your flatulence based pranks to another level (£17.99).

Ihira Faht – geddit?

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