Seagulls targetted by Cameron

Earlier this year Steve Double, Conservative candidate for the Newquay and St Austell seat in Cornwall fought against the incumbent labour MP by announcing a whopping £250,000 to fight the plague of these avian terrorists. Mr Double is now the residing MP, having won the seat but the 1/4 million pound project has since been dropped, shocker. However one Mr Cameron, a regular visitor to our Cornish coast has announced action after a recent spate of seagull badness, more than ice-cream cone pilfering and pasty grabbing, why one recent attack apparently resulted in an entire dog being devoured by on of these modern day Pterodactyls. On a lighter note this fridays weekend wash out game is Seagull Splat, lay out your beach towels, spin the dial and take flight with the fully-loaded flyer and squeeze the wings the corresponding number and hopefully it’ll not unleash its faecal fury (soap solution) on your turn. Childish fun for just £20 HEREseag

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