Ruxpin set for a return

ruxpin ruxpin2

Back in the late 80’s a toy appeared on the scene that took the very latest in music technology and shoved it into the back of a teddy bear, the technology was the humble tape cassette and Teddy Ruxpin was the recipient of a player in its back. The animatronic bear is set to make a return next year with upgrades includeing a superior motorised mouth that’ll keep more in synch with stories and LCD eyes offering 40 different expressions. Wicked Cool Toys are heading the the development and re-launch of the all new Teddy Ruxpin and ope that kids who grew up with the original will get all nostalgic enough to cough up the £100-ish. The 14-inch bear has touch sensors in the hands and feet, the interface for kids to start, pause or switch a story. With an internal hard drive containing ten stories about his adventures you’ll have an option to download more and Ruxpin also has a companion app that lets kids read along with him. He does look a tad like he has swallowed a Furby Connect but we’re looking forward to adding him to our creepy talking toy collection.


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