Rubber Band Machine Gun hits the target on Kickstarter

Everybody has pinged a few elastic bands in their time – it’s a classic aspect of both school days and office life.

Whether it’s at the snot-bubbled kid at school, or for just casual target practice, the action of launching a rubber band is often met with the words “you could have someone’s eye out doing that”, more often than not in adult tones.

Well, you could have a lot of eyes out with this thing.

Meet the Rubber Band Machine Gun, devised by Alex Shpetniy of Ukraine. On Kickstarter now the forthcoming product has already exceeded its target funding goal of $5,000 with more than 30 days to go.

This automatic toy gun has a capacity of 670 rubber bands and shoots at an astonishing 14 shots per second.

That’s a rate of fire of 840 rounds per minute – up there with some of the fastest firing real world guns used by real armies.

This wooden / electronic hybrid has 16 barrels and is loaded by stretching rubber bands to fit on individual grooves, which are lowered to pinged off the bands.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

Having to load 670 is going to take a lot of time. Well, the gun’s clever Ukrainian creator has also devised a special fast loader which cuts reloading times down to seconds.

Rubber Band Machine Gun – Bang for your Buck

On Kickstarter you can kick start this beauty for $85 dollars now –

The Rubber Band Machine Gun is available in a range of colours and comes with a nifty stand and 700 spare rubber bands.

Last year, a Rubber Band Shotgun caused a stir on the crowd funding site Kickstarter when it recieved over $50,000 of funding after only asking for $5,000.

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