ROARsome fun with your own pet Velociraptor

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We’ve had some laughs with this Real FX Baby Blue these past few months, it is more lifelike than you’d perhaps believe when you’re up close, a definite head-turner with all ages. Place your arm inside and it’t offers the illusion you’ve the dino cradled in-hand, then squeeze the hidden trigger for mouth movement, toggle the switch for eyes open/closing action and final internal operation allows Blue to shift its head side-to-side. Combine these motions with the fowrward lunch and you’ve all manner of action, add in the 20+ sound FX and you’re easily punching up at the £100 price tag. Sensors on the back add even more options to the variety of different moods/modes Baby Blue can operate in, it’s a pretty decent bit of kit. As a “grown-up” my time on the sofa watching Jurassic Park (original of course) holding my Velociraptor as Dr Goldfinger did that rather menacing white cat has had my kids/wife and pets looking at me in a combination of worrying ways. Grab yours now at Smyths

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