Revolutionise your brick based play with Mayka Tape

Mayka tape needed

If you, like me, have opted to shun traditional sprucing approaches in your abode such as vases and paintings in favour of knick-knacks and “Collector’s Items”, then you’ve also probably got a storage issue. With shelves buckling under the weight of Die-Cast-this and Never-Un-Boxed-that, the room of a Toy Aficionado becomes less of a dust trap and more of an impending cartoon-style, multicoloured implosion. A key player in this soon-to-be disaster is LEGO. This house hold classic is the staple of many collections. Fantastical Star Destroyers loom over Helms Deep, while battlefields see Ninjago go toe-to-toe with Captain America. It’s been a favourite for generations and now it’s going from shelf stealer to wall-crawler with the arrival of Mayka Tape.

This sticky-backed wonder affixes almost anywhere that is clean, flat(ish). This means your astronauts can have their ‘One small step’ upside down on the back of the fridge and Batman can fight crime down your bedroom door!

The flexible Mayka tape comes in nine different colours and is compatible with all major brick building brands. So can finally get your favourite Kreo figures in on the action while building a rainbow wave of fun around all corners of the house. It is reusable so if your brilliant idea turns into a bit of a dud, just pull it off and go again.

Mayka Tape

What are my plans for the stuff? I’m glad you asked! I have a legion, yes, a legion of Mini-Figs in the spare room. Some are perched on shelves and others across the top of canvas prints. Recent visitors have noted that if they shut the door too hard they are besieged by a cascading wave of plastic people, now I’ve got me some Mayka Tape, it shall no longer be ‘Raining Men’!

Get your Mayka Tape at the Entertainer, from £7 a roll.



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