Retro revival time


Demand for vintage Airfix kits has been on the increase of late and so its owners Hornby have decided to do something about it, and we’re all rather excited. Called Kitstarter, this new venture with its fancy new economy moniker lets folk vote on retro sets and thereby decide which ones get a re-launch as limited editions. Most of the classic models Airfix made in the 60s and 70s are now out of production but modern manufacturing processes put in place over the past decade will allow product range revival.  Presently they have Henry 8th and Oliver Cromwell to common garden birds such as Robins and Woodpeckers, far from just the wartime aircraft you might’ve expected. Actual support levels are unclear at present but the website gives an indication as to how much has been pledged in % terms so you can gauge how much further it has to go once you’ve put your own cash in and the total moves up – Or ask @toydetective me thinks, he loves this kind of challenge. So get over there and order your Blue Tits and Bull Finches kits circa 1977 now.

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