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Polly Pocket | Your pint-sized pal back at your side!

Children of the 90s rejoice! Our pint-sized, portable pal Polly is back in our pockets! Being a staple of my childhood, nothing quite got my imagination going like cracking open a new heart-shaped locket to reveal a new world to play in. So you can imagine my excitement on seeing three brand new playsets appear through the office door. With my nostalgia glands fizzing I dove in.

The first thing to say is that the colours of Polly’s new plastic home are amazing. Somehow they manage to be more 90s than the 90s toys themselves. Also, they’ve replaced the ‘foot-print-docking system’ of old with their new ‘Sticky-feet’ technology which means Polly can stand firmly in any direction on certain areas of her play space. Polly is also a little bigger this time around giving her more defined features and intricate outfits.

The big question then has to be answered, ‘Are they as good as I remember?’ and I don’t know if it’s my nostalgia talking, or the fact that I am now 28 but… not quite.
The ‘Sticky-feet’ technology has me in two minds. It’s a great idea but I did find the ‘Stickyness’ wearing off after a few hours of play. This was solved with a quick clean of the surfaces but it had me pining for that satisfying and secure ‘click’ of plastic feet docking into plastic footprints.

Polly now seems a little to large for her world. Her new size has afforded some play-ability, like her scooter and teddy bear accessories, but she can no longer sit on her own sofa, bless her.

My time with Polly didn’t quite transport me back to my childhood, rather it made me feel my age. In the hands of a 21st century child the new Polly will bring that same charm and imagination into their play habits, with multiple sets in the range it’s worth getting at least one and seeing if the next generation shares the Polly-passion that you did 20 years ago!

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