Pokémon beckons the first day of Spring with their very own Easter Bunny (plus Tree Monkey & Cowardly Lizard)

The announcement of a new generation of Pokémon has always been a momentous occasion for us ‘Game Freaks’ and this year’s ‘Pokémon Day’ Nintendo Direct certainly lived up to the hype.  The 7 minute video was packed with new treasures- A brand new world to explore (based on our very own Britain!). New features- Is that a Pokémon Stadium? And, of course, 3 new starters!

Image result for pokemon sword and shield

Image result for pokemon sword and shield stadium

Image result for pokemon sword and shield stadium

These little cuties go by the names Grookey (left), Scorbunny (middle) and Sobble (Right). Prediction time! Recent generations have had their Starters evolve to have second elemental types. These also work in a rock/paper/scissor circle just like Grass/Water/Fire. So with that, plus what little we saw in the Direct video, I predict this for their final evolutions:

Grookey: Grass/Fighting

Scorbunny: Fire/Dark

Sobble: Water/Ghost

Think I’m wrong? Reach me @rtaylorhastings on Twitter 🙂

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