Playmobil Porsche Dakar 911 gets the green light

Lookie here, a Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Offroad with its rally kit from 1972 looks the dogs under-carriage right? All the off-road equipment, removable roof and space for four figures, who you going to take on your roadtrip? Complete with large wheels for more ground clearance and a front guard, spare wheel and petrol canister are stowed on the roof rack and secured with silicone straps. Two additional headlights on the front guard and four on the roof rack for etra visibility during overnight racing action.


The roof can be removed to insert the figures into the vehicle’s interior. When the bonnet at the rear is opened, it provides a view of the 6-cylinder boxer engine. With movable elements, such as the rock and the flexible driving plate for overcoming obstacles. Add this one to your Playmobil classics range, this one is out 22nd March for about £55

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