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47 ronin brainband

Well the promised hoverboards might not have arrived but the ability to control on-screen action with your brainwaves is here to make up for our mild disappointment. Developed by Myndplay it is the first ever mind-controlled media player that’ll connect your device to your mind with a BrainBand that you wear around your head featuring built-in sensors. By monitoring your brainwaves it can measure if you are focused, relaxed etc and translate this into on-screen action. There are a few decent apps about that use the tech but as yet it’d not been used in a film – 47 Ronin is the first to have a go.

Stick on a headband and concentration or the lack thereof will lead to one of three different on-screen outcomes in a brilliant clip which sees Keanu trying to defeat a dragon of epic proportions. It is all much more exhilarating than punching a few buttons on a pad and we’re excited at the prospect of other entertainment companies trying it out on both films and console games too. There could even be a time when an entire cinema audience was kitted out with the headbands and could decide the end of the film with the power of their minds – Hell yeah.

The tech and apps can be purchased online at and start at under £150 up to £250 for a complete research and entertainment kit. Apps range from mental health to interactive movies, sports and beyond. 47 Ronin is available on Blu-ray and DVD with UltraViolet™ from 12 May 2014.

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