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Penguin Awareness Day – We’re celebrating in many ways

Whether you prefer Happy Feet over Mr Poppers Penguins, Feathers McGraw and the part he played in The Wrong Trousers or the part they played in Madagascar we’re certain you’ll agree these animals are well worth a day of celebration. Today it is Penguins Awareness Day,  a celebration of the 18 species that mostly populate the Southern Hemisphere, Emperor or King, Crested or Yellow eyed, they’re an entertaining bunch. Inspiring a clothing brand and book publisher there are playthings aplenty that pay homage to the two tone creature:

Penguin Pile Up – £14.99 Argos http://bit.ly/2rrz9UF

Penguin pile up
Penguin pile up

Take turns placing your penguins on the precarious iceberg, this faux frozen structure doesn’t stay still so place yours with a steady hand or they’ll all tumble.

Pop Vinyl The Penguin – £9.99 Forbidden Planet http://bit.ly/2Dxe3J2

Penguin Pop Vinyl
Penguin Pop Vinyl

An absolute must have for desktops across the nation. Trouble is with Pop Vinyl when you have one it is impossible to halt your collection there – You have been warned.

Batman Penguin Arctic Roller – £29.99 Smyths http://bit.ly/2FV1zcR

LEGO Arctic roller
LEGO Arctic roller

A very decent looking set, confusion in the title perhaps as no penguins live in that part of the world. We can only guess it was a play on the 80’s freezer staple Arctic Roll.

Don’t break the Ice – £12.99 John Lewis http://bit.ly/2DoqkfW

Don't break the ice
Don’t break the ice

Two players, each armed with plastic pick axe, take turns to tap away the ice squares without dislodging the penguin at the centre – You do, you lose.

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