Parrot takes to the water


French outfit Parrot most certainly has the most diverse drone offering of any manufacturer and whilst others are going bigger, adding 4K cameras, increasing rotor count and other such offerings it is good to see that this lot are sticking to fun. At a launch event last night (featuring my favourite cheese and cold beers) they unveiled this, the Hydrone, well, the Parrot Minidrone Hydrofoil is its official title and it really isn’t to bad. The two components are the floaty hydrofoile body to which a minidrone is attached, when you fire up the drone instead of it flying upward the hinged mount in which it sits perks up perpendicular to propel you across the water. As the boat quickens the hull rises up and you can, in perfect conditions catch ducks travelling up to 6mph. All controlled by Bluetooth via an iOS or Android app you’ll be able to bag one later this month. They also revealed a dozen other pieces of kit in their minidrone line-up including a cargo drone that you can click your bricks onto and take them for a fly – Parrot Website



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