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Instant Magician “Just like that”


Describing itself as ‘the future of magic’ Marvin’s iMagic is possibly marking the beginning of the UK’s leading magic brand into the world of fortune telling too? Marvin’s iMagic interactive Box of Tricks combines props, video effects and an app to give you a bunch of tricks that are generally …

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Epic Scalextric set snagged for over Ten Grand


Dominos ex-delivery boy outbids others for his Scalextric Ultimate Track designed by Martin Brundle, with over £11,000 going to Children in Need. Yes, one Mr James Swift, a 39 year old Dominos Franchisee based in Swindon, this weekend outbid other Scalextric fans at CarFest South to win the track. “I began working …

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Record breakers birthday

According to Guinness World Records the whole idea for a book of records originated back in the 1950s with one Sir Hugh Beaver, Managing Director of the Guinness Brewery, was at a shooting party in County Wexford. The story goes that he and his compadres argued about the fastest game …

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Its NERF or Ruffin’

We’re not that into our National celebratory days, what with so many of them ranging from Watermelon, Underwear and Mail order catalogue days to Chess, mouldy cheese and Rum (might forgive the last one) we have to pick our outstanding ones. Today Toy lovers is #nationaldogday and if you loves your …

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Scooby sets are Spooktacular

We’re in total agreement here at Toyology Towers that the original Scooby-Doo was by far the best, the feature film was dire and later episodes with upgraded animation techniques in place just don’t quite have the edge of the 70’s series. There are five sets in the Scooby series from …

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Twisted Classics

A recent trip to @englishheritage property Eltham Palace inn Saaf East Lahdaan uncovered some interesting finds this week. Yeah Courtauld Industrial dynasty, Art Deco amazingness, Edward VI’s pad, Henry VIII’s place too but we found a trio of rather splendid playthings amongst the paraphernalia. You can buy yours HERE or get …

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The Force is waking

The super-sleuths at Star Wars Forever have somehow unearthed apparent official in and out of box shots for seven of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens LEGO sets which we most certainly don’t want (can’t) to wait until December for the film release. We have an up-to-date Millennium Falcon with the …

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