Ninjago auction is now open

Get your bidding digits ready folks, eBay are raising money for Sebastian’s Action Trust with an extensive range of Ninjago LEGO up for grabs. The film by the same name has just hit the screens, we were impressed, definitely the best brick based ninja-style film we’ve ever seen. So eBay have  teamed up with the worlds biggest toy company to hold a charity auction in aid of Sebastian’s Action Trust, an outfit that offers support to families of seriously ill children.

The auction runs until the 20th October over HERE. According to the online marketplace sales of LEGO make them the UK’s third most-wanted item of the past year, with over 4.4 million total searches on the site and a peak in November ahead of the Christmas period, with five searches every second. Sorry, you’re still reading, we’re just popping out for a spot of virtual paddle waving.

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