December, 2018

  • 3 December

    Fortnite toys have dropped

    Fortnite toys arrive

    If you’ve not heard of it Fornite be the action building game where you can drop into a huge PvP Battle Royale scenario on-screen or team up with mates and co-operate to defeat monsters. Free to play on almost all platforms, it is really rather good, in moderation of course. …

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November, 2018

  • 27 November

    Toyologist’s Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2018

    The time has come! Here are my top 10 toys for this Christmas! (in no particular order, of course) Boxer- Spinmaster This rambunctious robo has wowed reviewers around the world with his endearing personality and impressive array of features. If you’re in the market for an AI buddy, Boxer is …

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  • 26 November

    MekaMon – The AR battling ‘bot

    MekaMon - The grey one

    Take control of this much improved V2 of the gaming robot set to take over the world. Play in free drive using your iOS or Android device to adjust all manner of this four legged freaks platform, gait, stance, height and more for four-legged walking fun, then take it into …

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  • 23 November

    Upgraded Sleighs from Red Letter Days


    The most iconic Santa’s sleigh for me is the one that features in ELF at the end, the rocket power boosted present delivery system that creates havoc in Central Park.   The folk at Red Letter days have had a go at reimagining this archetypal festive freight delivery system for …

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  • 23 November

    Queues and chaos caused by Kevin the Carrot

    kevin the carrot

    People stood in line outside Aldi’s across the nation from TWO A.M. in the morning to get their hands on a Kevin the Carrot, some were there for Pascal the Parsnip and each one is now listed across eBay for a decent return, well percentage wise at least. So you …

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  • 22 November

    Talking Unicorn anyone?

    Some folks told me we had hit peak Unicorn last year and that fad would pass, it would appear that this legendary beast is being lauded more than ever. The craze to turn them into everything from ride-ons to plushes might have been driven by the kids but it is …

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  • 21 November

    Elect to get something extraordinary on your santa list

    parrot on a perch

    We’ve seen lists aplenty over the past weeks from the major retailers, toy multiples and more but for something a little different, a toy based gift or interactive book without any batteries have a look at what Whirligig have to offer. Based out of Brighton Whirligig has four outlets in …

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  • 21 November

    Polly Pocket | Your pint-sized pal back at your side!

    Children of the 90s rejoice! Our pint-sized, portable pal Polly is back in our pockets! Being a staple of my childhood, nothing quite got my imagination going like cracking open a new heart-shaped locket to reveal a new world to play in. So you can imagine my excitement on seeing …

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  • 20 November

    Ralph returns to break the Internet

    Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 has the wrecker that is Ralph, and his best friend Vanellope von Schweetz waving Ta Ta to the arcade world and off for an adventure exploring the worldwide web. Their quest is to find a part to save Vanellope’s beloved video game Sugar …

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  • 16 November

    Slurpees – Snot Suckers are THE stocking filler you need

    Unveiled earlier this week Slurpees Snot Suckers from Bandai have been billed by some as the most disgusting pocket money plaything kids will want for Xmas. Once you’ve had your first go at sucking up the slime and then “snotting” it back out you’ll find the entire experience deeply satisfying, …

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  • 16 November

    Watch Your wallets! Nifflers set loose in London.

    To celebrate the launch of the latest film in the Fantastic Beasts series, The Crimes of Grindelwald, LEGO Group have created seven naughty Nifflers and set them loose around the UK! Each of the cute, magical rascals are made from 11,000 bricks and weigh 30KG! As we all know, Nifflers are …

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  • 15 November

    Construction kit aimed squarely at adults

    MAGA Build the Wall

    This set from MAGA called Build the Wall has gone on pre-order over the pond and this is its sales pitch – “A mob of 10,000 Central American migrants is marching through Mexico and heading toward El Paso, Texas. Mexican border agents attempted to stop them at the Mexican border, …

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  • 14 November

    Dream Toys 2018 announces their Top 12!

    With christmas right around the corner, one of the Toy Industry’s most anticipated events has launched it’s Annual ‘Top 12’. Dream Toys is here! So, what made the list? What shall be burning holes in the pockets this year? Check out the list below and get those letters off to …

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  • 7 November

    Overwatch NERF Blasters on the way

    NERF Fortnite

    Blizzard Entertainment and Hasbro have a trio of blasters for Overwatch fans – First up is the Nerf Rival Overwatch Mcree Edition blaster, the third blaster in the Nerf Rival Overwatch line-up, its McCree’s signature accessory in Overwatch, this blaster propels rounds at up to 90 feet per second and …

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October, 2018

  • 29 October

    Botbots Launched at Comic Con

    London Comic Con ended with a bang yesterday as Hasbro announced their brand new Transformers line, Botbots! These pint-sized mechanoids are the latest in the ‘Blind Bag’ trend and as such have an impressive roster to be collected. 61 is the current count, which will be leaping up to 191 …

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