July, 2013

  • 30 July

    Tiny Timelords

      To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Dr Who series is this new range of micro-figures from Character Building which features each on of the 11 time travellers. The Doctors are classified into RARE (the 10th Dr with just 500 in circulation), Super RARE (3rd and 5th Dr with just …

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  • 18 July

    Back To The Future LEGO set – The wait is over

        Jumping Gigawatts everyone, the LEGO set which feels so very long overdue is upon us, The BTTF kit features the DeLorean which can be customised into one of three models from each of the movie trilogy, a time setting display, 1985 and 2015 license plates and of course the flux …

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  • 9 July

    R/C on Steroids

          We were quite content with our palm friendly R/C spider from the Hexbug makers, happily scurrying about winding up the cat and racing around our building brick based obstacle course (all  research you understand). They’ve only gone and beefed it up, now there is a version that’s …

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June, 2013

  • 17 June

    Superman Stuff

            For anyone who enjoyed Man of Steel as much as Team Toyology did yesterday you’ll be keen to snap up the DVD in a couple of months, but to maintain your Superhero interest, we’ve not only invested in red underwear to put on outside our trousers …

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  • 12 June

    LEGO celebrates with London Underground

    Its the 150th birthday of the London tube network and LEGO unveiled a number of reproductions of the iconic underground map today. Celebrating the system over the years there are five maps, each one incorporating 1,000 bricks and can be seen in ticket halls across the capital. Pop along and have …

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November, 2012

  • 7 November

    Swine Flew

          Seems that the phrase “Pigs might fly” has been around since the 17th century in some form or other, starting out as the jaunty English comment “Pigs fly in the ayre with their tayles forward” and still then related as an expression in response to some overtly …

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October, 2012

  • 23 October

    Use some Force

        You Star Wars fans are a lucky lot, is there no licencing stone that’s not been unturned? Aftyer spending your hard-earned on eeverything from undercrackers and Pjamas to LEGO sets and talking soft toys now you’ll have to find some more cash for the very compelling Origami book. …

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  • 18 October

    Inflatable Pigs anyone?

      The original Pass the Pigs game is a decent time-passing bit of  fun, in our mind up there with the likes of Yahtzee. We’re not sure when or where we’ll play this enlarged version of the original but want to own it just on the basis of having two …

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  • 11 October

    Dr Who fans in for an AR treat

      Battle against some of the faraway foes as if they’ve just appeared from behind your sofa with the new Quantum Lock Accelerator replica appcessory together with and the Cleric Wars game on your smartphone. The first person viewpoint on your screen together with the Augmented Reality has Daleks, Angels …

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  • 8 October

    Ride-on/in Artoo

      Hankering after ones youth is a useless pursuit, yet one hard not to participate in when something like this comes along. The realese of Star Wars in 1977 was accompanied by some school class compadres buying steel bins and sticking a few stickers on them for an R2D2 effect, …

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  • 6 October

    Break a record, learn a build – sign up to a LEGO centre

                  EIGHT LEGOLAND Discovery Centres across the world are set to celebrate the joy of learning to build a LEGO model, this November, with a Guinness World Record first. On Thursday 15 November, Guinness World Record Day, the children’s attractions will be holding a …

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September, 2012

  • 26 September

    HALO fans – Xmas is coming early

                      You might, as gaming fans of the Halo franchise, have been disappointed that after almost five years there’s been nothing – Time has certainly flown by (perhaps not for serious HALO fans) but we’re about to get HALO 4, and it …

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  • 25 September

    Furby is Back

      When Furby 1.0 arrived back in the nineties the furore ranged from slight altercations in the aisles as parents camped out for shops to open and grab the last of the furry stock to folks flying to New York to satisfy the under-the-tree desires of their ankle-biters. Launched this …

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  • 21 September

    Shoot the Spooks

          We wouldn’t call ourselves super-skeptical but certainly over-wary when told about some great new game, that’s a guaranteed grin-inducer, but of all the boxes to arrive at Toyology Towers this extra-busy September so far, Ghost Hunt has had more of our attention than most. Inside the box …

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  • 17 September

    Top Toys for 2012 revealed

    You’ll have seen a fair few top ten toy lists (or excellent eights, terrific 12’s etc) over the past couple of months, all of them from the big players in the UK toy market. Today, Online toy directory, Toy Shop UK, published the results for their 2012 Independent Toy Awards. …

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