September, 2020

  • 10 September

    Water blaster brave enough to call itself a gun

    a group of German engineers and designers think it’s finally time for water guns to evolve, here is the self-loading Spyra One, a water blaster packed with so much tech and one which fires quick bursts of water instead of a steady stream. Overall, accuracy is improved, the price tag …

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  • 10 September

    Rubik’s Amazing Box of Tricks arrives

    Here it is, without further ado, the long awaited and much anticipated Marvin’s Magic – Rubik’s Amazing Box of Magic Tricks.  This exclusive magic set celebrates the 40th anniversary of the iconic cube and  includes 40 superb tricks, less talk and more action me thinks, watch the video : Available …

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  • 8 September

    Send your Hot Wheels rides into a right spin

    You may well wonder why we choses the Hot Wheels track builder unlimited triple loop kit to headline todays Toyology offering, but, go re-read the name of this marvellous plaything. Exactly. All that title for a toy that’s in medium present price land at £25 from Argos. There are three …

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  • 7 September

    Screwball Scramble – a most brilliant bit of kit

    Nostalgia. It’s not what it used to be… Now, you may not be old enough to remember the first time someone made that joke – but are you old enough to remember when Screwball Scramble came out? First appearing in 1979, Screwball Scramble boasts a simple idea… This toy-shop perennial …

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  • 4 September

    Illuminations illuminate Blackpool

    Great news for the crew of the International Space Station tonight as they’ll get an extra treat as they whizz over the earth at 500 Kmh as they’ll witness the spectacle of the Illuminations being switched on. Since 1879 the six mile stretch of Blackpool (and Lytham/Bispham) have been brought …

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  • 2 September

    Latest set from LEGO is right up our alley

    A Diagon Alley set of 5,500 pieces is impressive enough, when completed  you’ve all of the must-visit shops, such as Ollivanders, Flourish & Blotts, and Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes but it is the detail in each one that makes it truly stand out. The set is around 11 inches tall, 40 …

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August, 2020

  • 27 August

    Palpatine Lightsaber anyone?

    This here Star Wars Black Series Emperor Plapatine Force FX Elite Lightsabre has a name almost longer than a Welsh railway station but, and I apologise Welsh readers, is far more entertaining. Advanced LED technology inside alongside film-inspired sound effects all jammed into a real metal hilt fresh from Revenge …

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  • 25 August

    Parody packaging from the Sultans of shrink

    Wacky Packages are inspired by the Topps stickers first launched back in the 1960’s. This time they’re licenced to Super Impulse who have decent form in shrinking stuff and have brought them back as 3D miniatures. There are 66 to collect in this, series one, and each one offers up …

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  • 24 August

    Funko Monday

    Some new Star Wars celebratory Empire sets are incoming, we’ve no dates as yet but look at this lot, marvellous are they not?

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  • 22 August

    Classic films get the jigsaw treatment

    A trio of our favourite retro films just got puzzled, a trio a 500 piece put-togethers for your rainy afternoon delight. When done they sit at an impressive and wall-worthy 45 x 60cm. Most certainly pop on the film in the background as your puzzle, and, each one comes complete …

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  • 20 August

    Ice Cream Van sets new Ice Cream Van World record

    The man Edd China is likely best known for those who watch too much Discovery in the mid-morning. He was the mechanic on Wheeler Dealers with Mike Brewer and basically did all the graft on updating the busted cars brought into his garage by co-presenter (and slacker) Brewer. Anyways, since …

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  • 19 August

    Chatty animals anyone?

    Get ready to sass it up with the all-singing, all dancing Sassimals –  Flossi the Flamingo and Ali the Alpaca are the desktop toys that’ll be the talk of the water-cooler, well Zoom call at least. I am not sure what “Sass” actually is as I have never had any …

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  • 17 August

    Funko Pop figures – Your weekly wound-up

    We know there’s something pretty much every day from this outfit but you’d be putting up new shelves everywhere if we told you about every item that arrived in our inbox. So, here’s our weekly update of the best of the best (in our humble opinions). We shall keep it …

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  • 11 August

    Argos announce top toy predictions for 2020

    We have LEGO Lamborghini, a pooping Flamingo, a dancing unicorn and an animatronic doll of ‘The Child’ from Disney’s The Mandalorian (aka Baby Yoda). Yes, it is probably the most eclectic collection we’ve seen assembled by the UK’s leading toy retailer and we love it. Some research they conducted* revealed …

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  • 4 August

    Leaked LEGO set has fans in a (Be)Spin

    Toys R Us apparently leaked the imagery online accidentally of this new LEGO BespinDuel set, the Canadian division of the once defunct now risen from the ashes outfit, have certainly garnered plenty of free advertising from this “leak”. We thank them however sarcastic we may sound, this looks like a …

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