March, 2019

February, 2019

  • 26 February

    Wizarding-World Inspired Invisibility Cloak Set to appear this Summer

    Harry Potter and his cloak

    Together with Warner Bros. Wow! Stuff have re-created actual magic hidden within a garment akin to the one worn by the young Harry Potter. This cloak will make you, anyone or anything Going by the name of Invisibility Cloak Illusion Costume fans of Potter and disappearing are going to have …

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  • 19 February

    NERF Fortnite Blasters announced

    Nerf Fortnite SP-L

    In partnership with Epic Games Hasbro have unveiled their new Fortnite NERF line-up. Inspired by blasters in the game, the line includes the Nerf Elite Fortnite SP-L and AR-L, as well as a couple of microshots including mini versions of the TS, RL, and LLAMA. Play out Battle Royale now …

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  • 14 February

    LEGO launches new way to play with AR infused Hidden Side

    The idea behind this augmented reality-enhanced LEGO play is to turn a haunted world back to normal, one ghost at a time. The Danish outfit are being very vocal about this being the first AR play to fully and seamlessly integrate augmented reality with physical construction leading to interactive play. …

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  • 13 February

    Cupid would’ve loved CAH – Valentines day alternative plays

    I heart You x

    Skip surrounding yourself with doting diners and the dull choice of dinner out this Valentines day – It’s an amateur move anyway. Stay in, grab a bottle of something, select a decent home-delivery food option, cosy up, uncork and enjoy one of these games aimed at two: Love Letters – …

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  • 12 February

    Molecules to Man – Darwin is Da’ Man


    Born this day in 1809 he wan;t the first to reckon we humans had “evolved” from lesser species, he was the man who made it controversial to say so, heck, even the Greeks had some semblance of the evolutionary process. Hats off to the chap who was ridiculed for his …

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  • 8 February

    National Pizza day is upon us

    National Pizza Day - Hurray!

    It is National Pizza Day tomorrow, we tried not to succumb to dialling for a delivery aas we put this round-up together but alas, we’ve had to keep it succinct as our pepperoni 12 inch just turned up. For discount codes for your own delivery/shopping/pizza eating pleasure click HERE and …

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  • 8 February

    Bullish news from Barbie and Co

    A 60 year old doll brand the Hot Wheels franchise gave Mattel some better than expected earnings announced earlier – revenue fell less than some feared over Xmas and with some tough cost cutting efforts underway the toy makers overall earnings were pretty upbeat and saw the stocks climb up …

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  • 5 February

    LEGO Movie 2 – set selection may well make you skinter

    With 20 new sets devoted to this instalment, an apparent ear-worm song that’ll get you more than “Everything is awesome” and a shedload of additional merchandise for you to get all spendy with part two looks set to eat your greens.  Here’s the ones we’re hankering after:

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  • 4 February

    Chinese New Year – Celebrating the Pig

    Celebrated by around 20% of people on the planet Chinese New Year, this 5th February, is a big deal. More fireworks are set off than on any other night celebrating the myth where a chap way back called Nian who fought off a monster with firecrackers #fact. Get your greeting …

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  • 4 February

    Spielwarenmesse we miss you

    Last week the team headed over to Nuremberg for the biggest toy fair on the planet. This small city is the world capital of toys and each year over 65,000 folk from the trade descend to marvel at the near 100,000 new wares on offer, over a million to see. …

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January, 2019

  • 30 January

    Toyology TV at Toy Fair 2019

    Bringing you a cracking collection, the creme-de-la-creme, the most magnificent, a smashing smorgasbord, the undisputed heavyweight champions from London Toy Fair 2019 via the medium of a little video we made – share it and we’ll send you either money, kisses or a virtual hug (we get to decide) 

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  • 25 January

    London Toy Fair – The lowdown

    Toy Fair 2019

      And so the 66th Toy Fair concluded yesterday, three solid days of championing all that is new in the world of play for 2019 – shelves look set to be stocked with some rather splendid stuff. A quick look back to 2018, best described as “challenging” due to Toys …

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  • 15 January

    Most manic version of Monopoly yet?

       Much derided Monopoly is having a right resurgence as a brand of late, exciting new titles in the guise of Fortnite and Mario Kart, a Cheaters edition we enjoyed just before Yule and now this, possibly the purest form of the game ever. See, at its heart the …

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  • 9 January

    Barbie hitting the big screen

    Barbie hitting the silver screen

    We’re not sure who we’d have selected to play the part of Barbie, it isn’t likely that Margot Robbie of Suicide Squad fame would have been our first choice but what an absolute coup for Mattel that she has agreed to play the part. This feature film is the first …

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