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New York Toy Fair – Packed with tech for 2016


There’s always so much to see at New York Toy Fair, I’ve picked through the hits and misses and arrived at this list of toys I’d like to spend more time with in 2016:

PPL1 – Paper Plane Launcher

 Paper planes are perhaps the simplest, cheapest and most effect toy in history, so do they really need a plastic launcher? I was sceptical until getting my hands on the PPL-1 launcher gun at toy fair. It works a treat and propels paper planes impressive skyward distances.

PJ Masks Toys

 If you’ve been following the success of the show you will be excited to hear that a robust range of toys are coming this year from Just Play. These range from figures to a big HQ to vehicles. Both play value and quality are strong throughout the range.


Nerf blasters have an avid community of collectors and customisers. This year we have additions to each of their lines ranging from minor tweaks to big innovations. The thoughts throughout the design process is to extend play and add functionality. Top of the picks for me is the inclusion of an HD camera to record battles.


Sky Viper Hover Racer

 If you enjoyed Anki Overdrive last year this is one to consider. It offers simple app-controlled play, but is focused on drones rather than cars. Players can upgrade drone performance between races and choose between a range of play modes.


Mattel bring another innovation based on an existing brand. Opening up 3D printing to a younger audience will be both fun and educational.

Minecraft Ghast Drone

 The combination of the Minecraft brand and popular drone toys will make this flighted Ghast character a popular sell to fans of the game:


Megabloks Destiny, Halo and Call of Duty

Megabloks land some heavyweight video-game brands this year as they extend their collectible, build-able, line of figures and vehicles.

Hex Bug Battlebots

Battlebots/Robotwars is back on screen and has new toys from Hex Bugs. The best thing here is that they look and battle just like the expensive on-screen counter parts.


Star Wars Rouge One and The Force Awakens

Jurassic World Rampage Indominous Rex

Indominous Rex was the star of last year’s Hasbro booth. This year I Rex has more competition but a new version with a dramatic spike-reveal feature drew plenty of attention from attendees.

Hello Barbie Dreamhouse and Drone

We finish things off in my run down this year with a new interactive doll house for Barbie. taking on features from the Hello Barbie doll it’s a connective, voice controlled interactive play space and was impressive on a number of levels.

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