New twist on Erno’s mind-mangling cube

Rubik’s have produced the first official app to help teach us how to solve it.  This iOS app uses audio and visual clues real-life popular puzzle and help improve and record your solve times.  It’ll use your mobile camera together with artificial intelligence processing to track your real 3D Rubik’s Cube and enhance the on-screen video in real-time, with arrows ‘painted’ on the Cube’s tiles to navigate your way through the 43 quintillion permutations toward completion of the cube.

A superb bit of augmented reality and you’ve a choice of learning to solve the Cube in either the simplest way possible, which is called the Rubik’s method, or the fastest way, which typically takes just 20 moves.

The app also has games with a virtual Cube, so you can learn and have fun simply by swiping a finger, even if you don’t own the twisty Cube.  You can select your twisty companion from Rubik’s Mini (2×2) or the original Rubik’s Cube (3×3), to the more challenging Rubik’s Master (4×4) or the Rubik’s Professor (5×5).

Rubik’s Official Cube App launching on September 1 2020

Christoph Bettin, the CEO for Rubik’s Brand, said, “The Cube has fascinated fans for four decades and I’m the first to admit that the puzzle can be challenging.  Research supports the view that solving a Cube links brilliantly with the teaching of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and this high-tech app captures this, while creating fun and excitement.”





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