New DJI Drone does the business


So here it is, the Drone with 4K on-board has been confirmed by DJI and has a few other tricks to further elevate it away from the competition. At about three grand fully kitted with a couple of RC controllers it’s definitely one aimed at the “prosumer” market so the advice is grab their cheap unit first to get to grips with flying before you take one on. In addition to the sumptuous imagery it takes the engineers at DJI decided there was little point having 360 degree filming capability if, every now and then, one of the Drone legs came into shot – Which is what predecessors suffered. The Inspire One takes a new approach, once launched,it can move the landing gear out of the way to give the camera a full 360 degree view. Not retracting them like an airplane’s wheels LOOK – the entire carbon-fibre chassis, propellers and everything fold up into a V which leaves the camera all solo underneath… Nice work DJI, our wallets are feeling weary but we could look at those legs all day long. Fancy one? Flying Gadgets are your men (and women)

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