New Construction Kit on the block

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We first spent time with the XYZ Builds tiles back at Gadgetshow Live in April and were mighty impressed with what this group of engineering graduates had created, and what users could create from them, they represent almost the ultimate in construction kit for unleashing imagination and inspiring creativity. Using a unique meshing system these tiles are interlocked with ease and from the creation of a single cube (that can withstand a humans weight) to bigger and more complex structures such as storage units, five foot robots, a coffee table, laptop stand (with storage) and all manner of dwellings for your LEGO minifigures, cars, dolls and, well just about anything you can imagine – It is one of the most exciting innovations in the construction category for a while. They’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the dough necessary to take them from soft to hard tooling so they can take the product to retail later this year and we’re throwing our weight behind it, and we reckon it is well worth some of your hard earned too. Take a look HERE for ideas, inspiration and how to get involved.

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