New card game from LADbible tests your mimicking skills

LADbible have launched  launched its first-ever card game, First Impressions. Based on LADbible’s First Impressions YouTube series, the game gets people together to do their best (and worst!) impressions of global celebrities, film characters and more. From James Bond to Kim Kardashian, First Impressions wants you to show off your talents and ask teammates who your character is and the scenario of the impression.

For those out there looking for fame, First Impressions features a QR code on the box that links directly to a submissions page for a chance to be featured on LADbible.

Arian Kalantari, Co-Founder of LADbible Group, says, “LADbible has established itself as the ultimate destination for entertainment, so we are so excited to be able to give people the chance to enjoy a new kind of fun in their homes with First Impressions. Often, it’s hard to find a card game that caters for the whole family but there is a character for everyone!”

First Impressions is available to purchase from for £24.99.

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