Need for Speed (and plenty of design options)?

HEXBUG have reinvented the RC tuner car category and launched this fully customisable range called HEXMODS. The sets give kid(ults) experimenting with different modification opportunities to create personalised dream machines.

There’s two sets in the range:

Pro Series Elite
The Falcon comes with a selection of body styles, hoods, side skirts, bumpers, engine covers, spoilers, and alternate rims from which to choose. This HEXMODS tuner car has LED powered underflow to light up your kitchen/patio circuit and a bunch of decal for that extra touch. Enhance your ride with upgrades too, swappable suspensions, tyres with different grips and mess with the gear configurations and ramp your speeds up to 13mph. Hobby-grade 2.4 GHz remote inside also can be personalised for the ultimate steering.

Pro Series Elite Raceway
This Pro Series Elite Raceway has 1000’s of modification combinations. Containing all the features of the Pro Series Elite Set, this set has more body styles, hoods, side skirts, bumpers, roof options, engine covers, spoilers and alternate rims.

The Pro Series Elite Raceway also includes more performance upgrades including all-wheel drive and a selection of swappable suspensions, steering, linkages, tyres of varying grip strength and different gear configurations and motors to control the car’s speed. A choice of motor can ramp up the car’s speed to 18 mph.

The R/C car market has been either top end price wise and a tad expensive or largely focused on licensed rides, this new range is most certainly for those with a creative streak who also enjoy some speed.

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