National Puzzle Day – Time to celebrate


It is time to P.A.R.T.A.Y folks for today in toyworld we gather round to celebrate National Puzzle Day, it is all rock and roll here at Toyology towers as we spread our pieces over open spaces and gather round to sort the edge pieces first. The people in the puzzling industry established this homage to the humble puzzle a few years back and now during this 24 hours we can shout about the virtues of said toy category all day long. We’ve spoken to the captains of the puzzling industry and asked for interesting facts, sit yourself down people, as the findings are….well, you decide. We’ve bolded up the more unmissable points;

The humble puzzle is almost three century’s old, designed in 1760 by British engraver and map maker John Spilsbury as a teaching aid for student’s learning geography.

83% of puzzlers puzzle to relax and 74% do so because it’s fun

72% of puzzlers buy puzzles – 43% of puzzlers are bought puzzles as a gift – however 67% of puzzlers buy 2-3 puzzles a year

48% of puzzlers prefer 1000 piece puzzles

The number of pieces (66%) and theme of a puzzle (71% )are most crucial to puzzlers in choosing a puzzle to make

85% puzzlers puzzle in their lounge – 1% puzzle in their shed or garage!

43% of puzzlers own 1-10 puzzles

41% have puzzle accessories

Most popular puzzle themes are scenery, animals and landscapes

71% of puzzlers with kids puzzle with them – 31% do so weekly

The jigsaw puzzle is a traditional method of home entertainment that never has an expiry date!

Whether 5 or 75, age doesn’t matter as they are guaranteed to keep everyone captivated for countless hours. Jigsaw puzzles are a great relaxing way for family and friends to socialise, team build and problem solve together. Indoors on a winters day or outside in the summer sunshine, it is always the right time to get stuck into a mind-gripping jigsaw.

Parents can help their child grow by learning, interacting and feeling a sense of fulfilment by completing puzzles together. Many puzzles are used as learning aids to develop and boost key skills that will be useful to children as they proceed through school and on into later life. Problem solving, motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and building self-esteem are just some of the skills young people develop in the jigsaw puzzle process. Some puzzles are also educational aids, teaching children to count or learn the alphabet and the biggest benefit is that puzzles are fun!

Throughout the completion of a puzzle, families engage in conversation, help one another and plan strategic ways in carrying out the task.

You’re still reading, well hello again, get yourself over to Twitter as Ye Olde @toyologist has puzzle based prizes, today is all about #nationalpuzzleday – We also have access to a rather good Jigsaw based joke but you’ll have to DM us for that. Happy Puzzling peoples


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