Most manic version of Monopoly yet?


Much derided Monopoly is having a right resurgence as a brand of late, exciting new titles in the guise of Fortnite and Mario Kart, a Cheaters edition we enjoyed just before Yule and now this, possibly the purest form of the game ever. See, at its heart the board game is all about amassing the most money and, well, the dice, property and such just get in the way. This version relies on the players pure determination to gather as much cash as they can.

Monopoly Cash Grab game – The pure play!

Players start each round of the game by loading a stack of 100 Monopoly notes and 25 Chance Card bills into the blaster – secured under a spring-loaded clip and stacked in an orderly fashion. And that’s it – no faffing over who is banker, checking your change after a property transaction or languishing in jail awaiting a double die throw.

The spinning arrow under the blaster decides who gets to pull the trigger and the spiner is spun. Wherever the arrow points that player picks up the blaster and, pointing it skyward, begins the fountain of cash flowing. An air of caution to those thinking of shoving kids to one side and grabbing just everything on offer, amongst those lovely $100 are Chance Cards which can be played at any time during the game, except while the blaster is spinning, and not after it runs out of ammo. No tax demands here or beauty wins these cards ask players to swap stacks of cash, and introduces the strategy and cunning needed to level the game for those with skills other than having huge hands to grab the most cash.

Unadulterated Monopoly is here

The game ends when the blaster’s out of cash, and whoever has managed to amass and hold onto the most money is declared the winner.

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