More Super Mario analogue play

This 35th anniversary of likely the most iconic video game of all time is ramping up somewhat this week. Its started with the most expensive ever video game sale at auction with a 1985 Super Mario Bros. acheiving a whopping £90k in its original packaging, just showing the appetite for the character hasn’t waned one bit. Then we had the amazing LEGO console set yesterday and today Hasbro have weighed in with their birthday offering with a JENGA and Monopoly set. In JENGA you’ll race to the top as either Mario, Luigi, Peach or Toad collecting coins as you stack, steal and climb to beat Bowser, spin the spinner to see who goes next and what move to make. The Monopoly set has sic character pieces who each race around the board buying up, selling and trading space. A question block is included that has sound effects that could change your luck and Toads Houses/Princess Castles replace houses and hotels in this nostalgic nod to the mushroom bashing plumber.

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