Monopoly introduces a new central character

Ms Monopoly – The non-gender neutral set

There’s a new player in town, her name, MS Monopoly and she is taking over the board game, well, this iteration of it at least. The brunet Ms. Monopoly is apparently niece of the dapper, top-hat-wearing Mr. Monopoly

A new look with similar classic game play, railroads and the electric company are replaced with ride-hailing services and Wi-Fi with property spots shifted aside to incorporate inventions and innovations created by women throughout history, including chocolate chip cookies, solar heating and modern shapewear.

Instead of building houses and hotels, players build business headquarters. The game pieces include a hard hat, wristwatch, book, jet, goblet and free weight.

“Ms. Monopoly celebrates everything from scientific advancements to everyday accessories — all created by women,” Hasbro said.

A slogan on the box bills it as “the first game where women make more than men,”

In the game, the banker doles out £1,900 of Monopoly money to each female player at the beginning, while each male player starts with £1,500, after that, female players collect £240 when they pass GO with male players pocketing the traditional £200.

Here, try and watch this without any head-slapping:

It has left us a little bemused here at Toyology Towers, one of the shouts from the watercooler from the female members of our gang “Women getting paid less than men isn’t really a funny topic to base a board game around, it’s a real-world problem. It’s also a bit pointless and patronising seeing as the original Monopoly is non-gendered anyway – anyone can win if they nab all the pricey property first.” and “It might have made a difference if the makers had said that they’re channelling some of the profits into initiatives that help to promote equal pay and such.”

Thoughts? Ms Judged or Hurrah for Hasbro?

Ms Monopoly – The new central banker

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