Monkey around this Chinese new year

A whopping one-fifth of the worlds population celebrate the festival of Chinese New Year and it’s estimated that about 4% of the world population are on the move. Celebrations last a couple of days and it’s all about getting id of bad luck from the past 12 months and getting yourself all set up for the prosperity, health and happiness that’s about to come your way for the next  dozen. One tradition is the giving, from elder you younger folks, and bosses to employees, of red envelopes.  Inside each, a token of appreciation, otherwise known as cash. Whilst you could arm yourself with more formal greetings as you welcome in this year of the monkey a simple “Kung Hey Fat Choi” is a greeting which wishing prosperity and luck for the year ahead and might get you a free dumpling or two. Here’s a bunch of alternative offerings as giftage for your asian friends:


Cheeky chappie Dave the Funky robot monkey has over 30 different actions he’ll perform whilst strapped to the shoulder. First around in 2010 he is making a comeback and, with some practice, can put on quite a performance.


This vintage classic tin toy isn’t strictly for kids, wind up the mechanism and watch it hurtle across the room. Looks great just sat on the shelf when not in use.


With Mattels Tumblin Monkeys you’ll get 30 highly skilled acrobatic animals each held in the turn of the tree with a series of plastic sticks. It’s not that easy to come by but there are a few left on eBay for less than a tenner.


Six chunky colour-in crayons with free cheeky grin embossed in place. We could go on to describe the colours to pad out this paragraph but, as you can see, there are six, you tell us.

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