Merry Xmas y’all – Online fun and frolics right this way.

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WORD OF the year according to Collins Dictionary, and who are we to argue, is Lockdown. We hereby call it that verb of the year therefore must be Zoom. You might be a Facetime, Hangout or WhatsApp person but the genericized term appears to be “To Zoom”. There is far more fun than we’d imagined after the repetitiveness of online meetings, turn on the camera, invite your family and friends around for an online party that is far from every day but totally magnificent!

Let the virtual fun start here, a selection of online team-based games that can get you all together online for almost as much fun as if you were actually in the same room. This way though you can make out your connection is playing up if you’re not doing so well – but you wouldn’t!

Dixit, Dobble, Just One and Times Up are all from Asmodee and available as print and play games right HERE


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The folk at Big Potato have a brilliant guide to playing games online, just head this WAY.

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Hashtag – £10

Each player is dealt a card and has to pick a hashtag from it to search on Instagram – the aim is to either find the answer with #mostpostswins or #leastpostwins. Expect the need to clear your search history after playing the game as the cards will get you searching some of the weird and wonderful things people around the world use as hashtags when posting online – from #Penispainting to #Tickleme and a whole load more!

Karaoke anyone? –

Personally we feared that we’d be missing the sweet vocals of elderly aunts this Yule but rejoice, an online alternative is here. Stream to pretty much any device from a library of thousands.

Fill your Pants – £15.00 – Amazon

So, this is a scavenger hunt style game where players race to collect random things described on the game cards.  Once said items have been located they are stuffed into said giant pants included in the actual game. So, remote players need to find themselves some pants that’ll sit over their clothing and await instructions from the person with the cards. First back to their place with items in-situ wins. From something furry or long to shiny or floppy, quickest back to base with pants filled wins.

Exploding Kittens – £19.99 –

The aim of the game is to avoid being blown-up by a kitten. Obviously. One of the best funded Kickstarter titles of all time has created Quarantined Kittens for virtual game nights. You’ll all need a pack of the cards to play this feline based Russian roulette game. Just set out your decks as illustrated on the website and get shouty and animated as you try to avoid going BOOM.

Confident – £19.99 –

Almost 200 question cards, each one asking players to give their very best guess on the numerical answer. This game with a pretty unique gameplay gives players of all ages a chance as it is looking for a range rather than specific number thus giving players of all ages more of a chance. From “How fast can a kangaroo hop” to “When was the bikini invented”, answer in your range and win, closer to the actual number win bigger.

Bingo – free cards – online everywhere

If you’re looking to keep it super-simple, then go and download some online bingo cards and install a number generator for one of your players to shout out the numbers. Please ensure you study the bingo slang for added fun, from the non-PC Legs 11 to top of the shop 90, just add your own 80’s game show voice for added effect. Do make prizes available to tempt players to join you for a single line or full house.

Charades – Free

The classic “make others embarrassed” game. You can pre-define categories if you wish, classic films, actors and actresses, places or just keep it wide open. Players select their own charade to undertake and then begin to act it out, you might well want to put a time-limit on each round as some of your nearest and dearest might be afflicted with acting inability.

Five Second Rule – £13.00 – Argos

You’ll need a host for this one, fast and furious fun and superb for all ages. You might think it’ll be easy to name three breeds of dogs right? But with five seconds only to do so the pressure is on, and, the ability for people to say utterly random things turned up to the top. Game host reads out the questions, tracks the timer and keeps a tally on the scores. This game is not associated with the dropping food on the floor myth!

Poetry for Neanderthals – £19.99 – Amazon

You’ll be missing out on the inflated NO! stick by playing online but the game will have you itching to get back out of lockdown, so you can add this element in when normal play resumes. So, you might draw a word such as broccoli and you’ll have to describe to the other players without using any big words such as vegetable. So, this one might go something like “green thing you eat for live long and have good health” – Added accents of prehistoric people are optional.

Trapped – £10.00 – Argos

Turn any room in your abode into an escape room with this new Trapped series. Each household involved will need a copy of the same game, it is a bit more complex than our other “at home online plays” but well worth the effort. Set up your rooms, tune in online and compete to see who can complete the game in the quickest time. Turn up the sound, solve puzzles loudly and crack the clues the quickest.

Merry Xmas y’all.




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