MekaMon – The AR battling ‘bot

MekaMon - The grey one
MekaMon – The grey one

Take control of this much improved V2 of the gaming robot set to take over the world. Play in free drive using your iOS or Android device to adjust all manner of this four legged freaks platform, gait, stance, height and more for four-legged walking fun, then take it into battle. You can play in AR mode and create battlegrounds just about anywhere you choose and other droids popping into view for a fight or go head-to-head with other MekaMon owners for all out robot rage.  We love the MekaMotion with over 70 preset animations or create new ones of your own and share them with the MekaMon community.this is an ever evolving piece of kit with 1.5 hours of playtime per charge and firmware updates coming in often. Become a MekaPilot, join the robot revolution – £249.99 at MekaMon – We like..Lots…..


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