Medieval looking music machine is an utter joy


We’ve built kit from Smartivity before, a kaleidoscope in fact, was a joy to create and is still a pick-up-and-play after all these weeks.  We harped on about the easy to read instructions and the added value of an information sheet to further enhance their playset last time so, we’ll not do it again (just as good on this set, just saying). Our build this time is their Xylofun, not just a build of note (208 pieces, moderate trickiness) but, when completed an utter shelf-worthy bit of kit too.

It is a solid 9.5/10 from all here at Toyology Towers.

The tunes they’ve indicated to be played by placing the pegs are London Bridge, Old Macdonald and such nursery rhymes but, with some fiddling about, we’ve managed to get it to play the opening bars of Thunder-Struck (AC/DC), Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin), Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple) and the Star Wars theme tune. Anyways, as they say on their packaging “Ta Da di dum ,Ta da di dum – Make your own music – Just plug the pegs and roll the drum. All for under £20 at Hamleys.

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