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Operation Pac-Man is the non-profit organisation created by MGA’s Isaac Larian to help fight the spread of COVID-19 across the globe and has delivered over 65,000 masks and face shields to 40 hospitals across the US so far and also successfully tested a new ventilator prototype and is supporting a 250-bed makeshift hospital in Los Angeles.

Seven days into this campaign Operation Pac-Man has ordered two million masks, 500,000 face shields, and 300,000 goggles which should arrive next week.

Larian, founder of MGA Entertainment, thee firm behind the likes of LOL Surprise and Little Tikes, said: “Team MGA has worked around the clock to get Operation Pac-Man up and running, but there is still so much more to do.

“I ask everyone to please help in any way you can to support. Any donation amount to Operation Pac-Man will provide more funds to purchase personal protective equipment for our fearless healthcare workers fighting for us.”

In addition, throughout the past week the designers and engineers at MGAE and Little Tikes worked with a local hospital to test the MGAE ventilator prototype design and is now ready for production.

The ventilators will be produced at the Little Tikes factory, located in Hudson, Ohio, where the team is already re-tooling machines so that mass production can begin immediately.

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