Marble munching madness with mythical beasts


Well, we actually believe in Unicorns, they are the ones who team up with the tooth fairies (yes there is more than one) to carry all that enamel around every night and, more importantly, carry the coinage they leave behind. Anyways, we massively divert from our very favourite Friday slot, stuff we’re about to pop and buy in a minute. This week it is the Unicorn version of Hungry Hippos, so, at £17.99 from Smyths you get Bubbles, Twinkle, Dazzle and Sparkle to chomp on the marbles, we didn;t know they had names and, there’s more, the original Hungry Hippos were called Lizzie (purple), Henry (orange), Homer (green), and Harry (yellow) – you know this knowledge is going to be very useful at some point.

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