LEGO SigFig creator lets you make Minifigures

As part of a plethora of promotions for the hotly anticipated LEGO MOVIE, LEGO has gifted fans a virtual tool which lets you create your own custom LEGO Minifigures.

So, simply imagining LEGOised versions of yourself is now a thing of the past thanks to the LEGO SigFig Creator, which allows you to break free of the toy box and easily put together a great-looking, computerised Minifigure.

The design tool includes all the options you’d expect, letting users customise the eyes, hair, clothes and various colours. When the desired outcome is achieved, you can set your creation in front of a selection of backdrops.

How long before the LEGO SigFig creator, or something like, comes with an option to purchase and receive your creation as a real life Minifigure? Such a service would surely be a huge hit.

Online retailer FIREBOX already allows its customers a level of toy figure customisation with its 3D printed heads service.




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