Magic Mixies from Moose are evidence of real magic*


The unboxing toy phenomenon at pocket money price-points gave rise to toy companies and their inventors (elves) the to go bigger and better in the category. The first plus £50 creation were Hatchimals, an interactive egg that, with some cajoling, would peck itself out of the paper mache sphere and you’d have a not-bad plush with decent tech inside that you could talk/play with. This brand now have a mini-collectable range so it turn the trend on its head, now we have Present Pets, Crate Creates and The Animal (a truck that unboxes itself).

Well, today we can tell you about a toy that has us all excited for under-the-tree action this year. Magic Mixies have a cauldron into which you stick in all the ingredients you need to create a potion-based pal.

This mystical kit contains a spell from the Spell Book, then you’ll add magical ingredients like a Glitter star, Crystal Gem, and Magic Feather to your potion one step at a time to assist in bringing your creation to life.

Over 50 sounds and reactions to enjoy this is the first “wow” moment we’ve had with a toy in 2021 and suggest this will most certainly feature in every top ten list from now, our advice is clear, grab one without delay.

Magic Mixies have an RRP of £69.99. with refill packs at £9.99.


*according to the Tooth Fairy

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