Lightseekers: Boulder & Zyrus – The new boys on the block are pure rock & scroll

Lightseekers – new characters arrive

Having just finished a gargantuan, glowing review of Lightseekers HERE, you can imagine my glee when the two new boys appeared on the doorstep. 8 hours later, it was 2am and I had to shut off the iPad – Lightseekers Awakening had stolen yet another evening.

The two newbies are Zyrus, a foul tempered, demon-armoured, Dread warrior; and Boulder a cheerful, chunky, flame-mohawked, Mountain behemoth! They feature the same ratcheted swivel and hinge joints as their predecessors and come packaged with their own respective AR Cards.

I had expected this review to simply say, ‘They continue the trend and are as good as the original’, boy I was wrong. They ooze personality. After just one gaming session we were amazed at how defined their characters were, giggling every time Zyrus drawled another dry, sarcastic insult or revelling at Boulder’s sincere confidence and rock puns. The quality of the build has seemingly, unbelievably, improved. Both feature a blend of soft and hard plastics that have a very satisfying weight to them and their detailing surpasses that of the, already impressive Jax.

If you grabbed a Lightseekers starter pack you can simply take the Fusion Core and weapons out of your existing figure and slot them into the new warrior, meaning you don’t have to purchase a whole new set of accessories! Retailing at around the £28 mark these are a brilliant addition to the set. If you have a Lightseekers fan in the family a Boulder or a Zyrus under the Christmas tree is a sure fire hit.

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