LEGO turns over a new leaf with sustainable Treehouse

With sustainability being a hot topic, LEGO released their first ever plant-based brick last year. 2019 sees them going even further still as now they’re building their own trees! The LEGO Treehouse doesn’t just look eco-friendly, it is. With the set containing the highest number of ‘sustainable bricks’ ever found in a LEGO model, this tree-top hideaway may just be the first sign of the toy giant making a permanent change. Every plant and leaf in the Treehouse is made from sugarcane sourced materials, thats over 180 sustainable bricks!

The Treehouse boasts more than 3000 elements and is one of the largest LEGO IDEAS sets to date. It’s not all about setting records, the play pattern is impressive too. With a removable canopy and three detailed cabins, players can swap in yellow and brown Autumn leaves to keep their set seasonally appropriate.


The set measures over Measures over 14” (37 cm) high, 10” (27 cm) wide and 9” (24 cm) deep 

The LEGO IDEAS Treehouse model is available directly from LEGO Retail Stores and exclusively for LEGO VIP members beginning July 24, 2019, with general public availability beginning August 1, 2019. The RRP comes in at £179.99, not bad at all for the brick count.

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