LEGO opens biggest store yet

After a four month refurbishment the Leicester Square shop re-opened this week to much fanfare and frolicsAdding 300 SQ metres the total space is now 805 SQ metres and feels far more spacious than previously and with more on offer for the casual non-LEGO buyer too. From the Discovery Tree that is super-impressive in stature and packed with Easter eggs as you inspect it to the replica Aston Martin with revolving number plates, sounds, seat inside for selfies and an original steering wheel from a 60’s version of the road-going ride. There’s Harry Potter scenes and a giant Shakespeare along with a London Bus and very Big Ben (Queen Elizabeth tower for the pedants). Head to the personalisation station to catch the minifigure machine put together your pieces, walk down the 90  most nerdy LEGO fan you know in no time. Smashing place for a couple of hours, spend nothing (well try) and you’ll love it anyway. Nice work to the retail team headed up by Natali Stojovic, Senior Vice President, LEGO Retail, The LEGO Group, who said, “We are investing in upgrading LEGO stores around to the world to give visitors really fun, unique and memorable brand experiences.  The refurbishment and expansion of our flagship London store will make it a must-visit destination for fans, young and old,  living or travelling to London.”

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