LEGO introduces new creative concept


Rather than concealing its new innovations inside its Creative Play Lab, the LEGO Group today announced a new strategic approach that will help foster open innovation and test ideas and concept experiences through pilot projects, the first being LEGO FORMA on Indiegogo.

Putting ideas out there in order to get real-time feedback and decide if they should develop and scale ideas is how the LEGO Creative Play Lab are launching their latest idea – LEGO FORMA.


Tom Donaldson, Vice President of LEGO Creative Play Lab, says: “Continuing to push our innovation approach means nurturing ideas that we don’t always know the outcome of, encouraging risk-taking and finding new exiting ways to launch products that are a bit different compared to what you would normally see from the LEGO Group. Pilots such as LEGO FORMA with Indiegogo open up an engaged and creative community that we can take inspiration from, and vice versa.” 

The first of these pilots is a collaboration with Indiegogo Enterprise, where this entirely new product will be tested among a 10 million strong community of early adopters, entrepreneurs, makers and creatives on Indiegogo’s online platform.  

Based on the LEGO Technic building system it is designed with grown-ups in mind and is more of a creative project than a toy, and more about display than play. Launching with one model of a fish with a variety of skins available so you can change colour, species and even take on entirely new forms.

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