LEGO comes up with new shiz to keep the kids at bay

Forget Sea Shanty’s/ shanties and Bernie Memes –  LEGO Vidiyo is a brand-new app to put kids in the hot seat to create, produce and shoot their own music videos to tracks by some of the world’s biggest music superstars. Designed with kids/kidults/everyone in mind, LEGO Vidiyo uses the latest technology to open up new ways for kids create, share, chat and explore their passion for music.  Using a unique mashup of LEGO elements, minifigures, music and augmented reality, kids can capture their LEGO Vidiyo anywhere and share to the LEGO Vidiyo app feed, where content is modified for a safe social play experience. Look folks we’re not fans of messing up words, adding a Z where an S should be, so VIDIYO did get our goat, but, like lots of things we love we’re letting it pass.


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