LEGO Chat bot to assist in sourcing your brick based gift

LEGO chatbot
LEGO chatbot

The’ve named him Ralph, the new chat bot is working on Facebook Messenger and ready to assist sourcing your LEGO gifts.

Ralph, their Facebook Messenger Chat Bot, is on hand, with multiple choice questions, to help you pick a present and he is pretty handy at giving out free shipping too.

Via simple questions and humourus GIF’s you’re prompted along to assist the on-screen automaton to pick your ideal box for the LEGO builder in your life.

Genelle Holton, UK Digital Marketing Manager said: “We wanted to create a fun and easy tool to overcome a common challenge for shoppers – help them navigate through the vast LEGO portfolio and chose the perfect gift! Given Facebook’s market reach, the Chat Bot was a natural choice, also aligned with our test and learn mindset.”

Ricardo Caetano, Global Creative Strategist at Facebook Creative Shop added: “The Messenger Platform enables businesses to build experiences that facilitate connection with customers, create meaningful interactions and ultimately drive results.”

We love that LEGO are embracing chat bots, log on now and have a banter with the metallic advisor.


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